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The Project

Poșta Aeriană – Photographic Postcards from Cluj and Dortmund


The Idea

The project “Poșta Aeriană – Photographic Postcards from Cluj and Dortmund” is a cooperation between the department of photography (department of fine arts) at Technical University of Dortmund in Germany and the photo-video department of the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

It is based on an idea by Prof. Uschi Huber, professor of photography at the University of Siegen and Felix Dobbert, head of the department and associated Professor of photography at TU Dortmund. In 2015 they held a synchronized seminar called “45ct. Stadtansichten – Fotografische Postkarten zwischen Dortmund und Siegen”; along with
Prof. Dr. Barbara Welzel (Professor for the History of Art at TU Dortmund) and Prof. Dr. Joseph Imorde (Professor for the History of Art at the University of Siegen).
The Seminar was followed by two exhibitions with 560 individual photo-postcards.

Twenty art students from both universities sent self-made photographic postcards to the other group on a weekly basis with the request to answer visually and textually by sending back more photo-postcards. One could call this a photographic ping-pong-game.

The Team

The idea of sending photo-postcards is continued now with a modified concept and new partners. In collaboration with Felix Dobbert and with the support of the former director of the German Cultural Center in Cluj-Napoca, Fabian Mühlthaler, its new director Ingo Tegge and his entire team, Andrei Budescu (lecturer of photography, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca) and Timo Klos (lecturer of photography, department of fine arts, TU Dortmund) started another exchange of photographic postcards between Cluj and Dortmund with their students in 2016.

The Concept

Two seminars were created, one in Dortmund and one in Cluj-Napoca, each consisting of 16 students.

16 topics were chosen (see below) and randomly distributed among the students. Each student was then tasked to create an individual series of seven photographic postcards, which are related to his or her respective topic and city. Both groups, the Romanian and the German art students, work on the same topics and send their postcard series via airmail (poșta aeriană in Romanian) to the other city.

Afterwards, the procedure is repeated one more time with each student addressing another topic. This culminates in a total of four series for each topic, two from Dortmund and two from Cluj-Napoca.

Moreover, two excursions are planned (one to Cluj-Napoca and one to Dortmund) to give the students the possibility of meeting their counterparts and seeing the respective other city with their own eyes. Finally, two exhibitions will display the combined results of the two seminars, first in Cluj-Napoca and then in Dortmund. The exhibitions will be hold at the beginning of 2017.

The Blog

We will keep you updated here on the progress of the Poșta Aeriană project, provide short insights in our working process and talk about our excursions. In addition we will present digital scans of all postcards.

We will be posting on a weekly basis … so stay tuned!


The Topics

I           Idyll

II          Hideaway

III         Wild life

IV        Loud

V         Vanishing

VI        Workaround

VII       Vacant

VIII      Vertical

IX        Sculptural intentions

X         Different times

XI        No go area

XII       Earthlings

XIII      Observation

XIV     Weather report

XV      Metamorphosis

XVI     Colorful



Students from Dortmund
Students from Dortmund


Students from Cluj-Napoca
Students from Cluj-Napoca