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Dortmund – Working on the first postcards

During the last few weeks we worked on our first postcard series intensively. In our seminar and also in our free time we discussed our ideas in detail. Furthermore we developed our first designs and of course we took a lot of pictures until each of us had his/her final concept. After all it was not easy to decide which seven postcards should be printed. In addition it was difficult to find out the right order of each photo within a series. But finally we were ready to print and prepare our first postcards! DSC_0789eFirst we started printing the postcards. All students were very excited. We asked ourselves what the colours would look like and if everything would go according to plan.DSC_0677bDSC_0777aAfterwards the postcards had to be cut out which was nothing for trembling hands.DSC_0649aEach postcard had to be stamped with the name of the student who had taken the photo, the address of University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) and the number of each topic (from I to XVI). The letter behind the number (from A to G) gives information about the right order of every series. Moreover a stamp and a further sticker (“PRIORITY_PRIORITAIRE / LUFTPOST”) had to be stuck on the postcard.DSC_0660aDSC_0669aDSC_0656a_MG_4514bAt the end a text had to be written down on the reverse side. Therefore we tried to describe our topic without naming it._MG_4515a1Before the postcards made their way from Dortmund to Cluj-Napoca we considered our results._MG_4553bNow all 112 postcards are on their long way to the other university. Hopefully each card will reach its destination soon. Have a good trip!_MG_2108a1

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