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Dortmund – Arrival of the first postcards from Cluj

Curiously we were waiting for the arrival of the first postcards from Cluj-Napoca. We asked ourselves how long the journey would take, if every postcard would reach us and what we would see.

Finally, the first postcards from Cluj-Napoca arrived at TU Dortmund. To find out whether all the 112 cards from Romania reached their destination, we counted and sorted the postcards with regard to their topic. Secretly some of us tried to have a quick look at the postcards. Fortunately no postcard had got lost while travelling from Cluj-Napoca to Dortmund.After that our group had a close look at each postcard. How was the topic handled? Would it be possible to guess the topic without looking at the annotations? What was written down on the reverse side? Did the photo and the text go together? Answering all these questions helped us to understand how the students from Cluj-Napoca worked. Furthermore we received an impression of the country, the city and the people who live there.

In the following weeks we are going to show all 112 postcards from Cluj-Napoca. So have a look and get your own impression!

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